About us

Exterus is an independent consultancy agency specialised in advice and support for employers and employees who deal with cross-border work and international assignments.

Our core values

As an ambitious and committed partner Exterus (since 2006) offers a high quality advise and support. Our way of working is personal, customer-oriented and reliable. Our employees are experts in their field of expertise (immigration, tax, payroll) and are always up-to-date in legislation and regulations.

Cross-border employment

Exterus is a “leading” firm in cross-border employment, we guide (“lead”) our customers through the entire employment procedure. We offer an “one-stop-shop”: from the moment an employee arrives till the moment he leaves the Netherlands. We give advise and assistance during the entire period of employment. We assure you that our work is compliant with current legislations and regulations. Our services are complementary: immigration, tax, payroll.


As a recognized IND sponsor we’re allowed to employ foreign employees in the Netherlands. We are fully aware of the current terms. By using our payrolling services we become the legal and administrative employer of ‘your employees’. We take care of matters as payroll, salary payments and payment of social security contributions.


“Our goal is helping our clients expanding their businesses without any hassle and risks.”

— Paul Roeten, partner Exterus B.V.