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What tax rules apply in your specific situation? Exterus ensures that all tax rules applicable to you are met, for both employers and employees. We provide support to employers and employees on matters relating to international taxation. We advise on the consequences of the required treaty application, answer questions about applicable tax laws and regulations and also identify potential savings and risks.

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Together, we ensure that your international taxes and social security are in order. Without hassle and risk, so you can fully focus on your own business. We support you in the following: payroll and income tax, the 30% facility and social security.

Payroll and income tax

Employees who work in an international context may be subject to different laws and regulations from various countries. Each country has its own rules for determining whether and how income will be taxed.

Exterus provides the following assistance:

  • assessing the tax consequences of employment abroad
  • optimising the tax burden
  • processing the actual consequences in payroll accounting
  • filing income tax return

30% ruling

The tax-friendly 30% ruling may apply if an employee has been recruited from outside the Netherlands or seconded to the Netherlands for work, or if the employee has been seconded to a specific country outside the Netherlands. Under this facility, it is possible to pay 30% of the employee’s gross wage, tax-free.

We make the following arrangements:

  • assessing in advance whether and to what extent the employee is eligible for the 30% ruling
  • drawing up and submitting the request for application of the 30% ruling

Social security

If workers are seconded or employed in different countries, they are dealing with different national social security regulations. Within the European Union (EU), the A1 Certificate offers a solution.

We can assist you with the following:

  • determining in which country the employee is insured for social security purposes
  • the application for the A1 Certificate

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