Russia Desk: Handle your labour migration, international taxes and payroll in Russian


At Exterus, we aim to provide practical solutions in clear language. Following that principle, we’re proud to announce that we are now able to offer our services in Russian, by means of our talented colleague Victoria Zverintseva. 

All our services now also available in Russian

She is a tax and immigration expert and plays the role of Russian-speaking liaison with regard to matters such as international payroll, labour migration, international taxes or relocation assistance. So if you or your company needs help getting your new Russian employees to the Netherlands, Victoria is the person to call: +31 88 185 00 41 or sent her an email: [email protected].

Meet Victoria, our Tax and Immigration Expert

Watch the video to meet Victoria (in Russian, of course!) or read her introduction in English below. 

“Hello, I am Victoria, native Russian, living and working in the Netherlands since 2009.

I feel at home in the Netherlands, but I love my home country Russia and would be glad to assist you and your employer with your relocation from and to Russia.

For many years  I have been working with expats, assisting them with tax, immigration and relocation formalities. I am fully aware of difficulties international employees, like expats, may encounter going to Russia or coming to The Netherlands. The latter also from personal experience.

Feel free to contact me for any of Exterus’ services in Russian, English or Dutch.

До скорой встречи!

With kind regards/Met vriendelijke groet/С уважением

Victoria Zverintseva “

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