Recognized sponsor? Check your Compliance status here


Recognized sponsor? Check your compliance status here.

As an HR professional you need to check that you are fulfilling all your duties as a recognized sponsor properly? There are quite a few of them: the duty to provide information, the duty to keep and retain records and the obligation to provide information which, in turn, have their own sub-rules and regulations.

In addition, you are responsible for your expat’s return to the country of origin and you must make sure that your employee meets the income requirement if applicable.

Consequences of non-compliance

So, there’s quite a lot the IND requires – and they are increasingly checking compliance with all those rules after companies have been awarded recognized sponsor status. The IND regularly come across records that are not in order – often because staff misunderstood a particular rule, or simply because of carelessness. Such discoveries by the IND result in warnings, fines or even withdrawal of the company’s recognized sponsorship.

Check your compliance status

Are you compliant with your duties as a recognized sponsor? Take our quick Compliance Check Quiz   – just 10 yes / no questions – and you will directly receive our advice* on the compliance status of your expat administration .

Do you want to be sure that you comply with the rules and all their complexities? Book an compliance audit or call one of our experts (free of charge).

* The result of this quiz gives an indication of your administration’s compliance with IND rules. Due to the complexity and uniqueness of each individual situation, it is always wise to look at the compliance of your administration at a detailed level.

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