Put your knowledge migrants to work through Exterus payrolling or recognised sponsorship

Do you want to employ foreign employees, but are you are not a Recognised Sponsor yet? We will assist you when applying for Recognised Sponsorship for your company. Do you prefer your highly skilled migrants to be able to start work in the Netherlands straight away? In that case, opt for Exterus Payrolling.

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Together, we ensure that your highly skilled migrants are compliant when working in the Netherlands.
We provide a full-service solution for: Payrolling, Applying for Recognised Sponsorship and Recognised Sponsorship Audits.


If your organisation recently opened a branch in the Netherlands or is in the process thereof, you are often not allowed to employ foreign employees yet. As a recognised IND sponsor with NEN 4400-1 certification, Exterus Payrolling is allowed to employ foreign employees in the Netherlands. You can (temporarily) use our payrolling services to ensure your highly skilled migrants can set to work in the Netherlands straight away.

Exterus Payrolling is a member of the Dutch Association of Intermediary Organisations and Temporary Employment Agencies (NBBU). The NBBU is the industry organisation of professional intermediaries on the Dutch labour market.

Applications for Recognised Sponsorship/IND sponsorship

If your company has existed long enough in the Netherlands, you can become a Recognised Sponsor yourself and employ highly skilled migrants. We can assist you with the application and procedure at the IND.

Recognised Sponsorship Audits

Recently, the IND has indicated that it will monitor compliance with the duties of recognised sponsors more strictly. Fortunately, experience shows that the administrative records of many recognised sponsors are in order. However, sometimes, obligations are not understood or misunderstood, or sloppy mistakes are made. During an inspection, this can lead to a warning and even fines. In a worst-case scenario, the recognised sponsorship status can even be revoked. We are happy to assist you in becoming and remaining compliant.

Other Services

Are you looking for an extension for your organisation? We offer a one-stop-shop service for the following:

Immigration and

International taxes and
social security


Do you want to have recognised sponsorship status or arrange your payrolling?

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