Hiring knowledge migrants? Exterus can help.

Together, we’ll make sure that your highly skilled migrants are compliant with IND rules while working in the Netherlands. Exterus Payrolling will make it happen straight away. Would you rather become a recognized sponsor? We’ll help you with the application and the compliance process.

Payrolling or recognized sponsorship:
what is the best fit for you?


In our experience, using a payrolling company is the best option in the following cases:

  • If your organization is not (yet), not able to become a recognized sponsor itself.
  • If your organization prefers not to become a recognized sponsor, for example because you do not hire highly skilled migrants very often.
  • If your organization is not equipped to fulfil the duties of a recognized sponsor.

In these cases, Exterus Payrolling B.V. can take on the role of recognized sponsor for your knowledge migrants.

Want to know more? Download our Payrolling PDF.

IND Recognized Sponsorship

Becoming an IND sponsor or recognized sponsor is the best option in the following cases:

  • If your organization has existed in the Netherlands long enough and has a good status on several counts like solvability and fiscal status.
  • If your organization expects to hire more often or more highly skilled migrants.
  • If your organization has the capacity to properly comply with the obligation of recognized sponsorship.

We can help you with the application at the IND. Is your organization a recognized sponsor already and do you need help with your compliance procedures? We also offer compliance support. Would you like to know more? Request a free consultation.

Other Services

Are you looking for an extension for your organisation?
We offer a one-stop-shop service for the following:

Immigration and

International taxes and
social security


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