New partnership ADP and Exterus: unburdening international organizations completely


ADP and Exterus have joined forces, resulting in a partnership that will completely unburden companies with international employees.

We at Exterus are delighted to announce our new partnership with ADP. ADP is one of the largest and most experienced HR suppliers and offers comprehensive payroll solutions. Our new collaboration enables ADP to unburden companies in the field of international labor migration, while Exterus can now offer a global HR and payroll solution via one platform.

What does this change for you?

Expat services for ADP clients

In addition to their previously existing services, ADP will now also offer:

  • Expat Payroll
  • Expat Immigration
  • Expat Immigration Compliance
  • Expat Tax

If you would like to know more, please visit the website (Dutch only).  

One platform for HR and Payroll for Exterus clients

From now on, Exterus customers can arrange payroll and remuneration from one platform: ADP’s HR and payroll solution. This software helps companies manage their employees’ entire career cycle, from salary processing and payment to advanced solutions for talent management and data analysis.

If you would like to know more about this, please schedule a free consultation here.

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