A carefree start for your highly skilled migrants with Exterus

Together, we can give your international employees a hassle-free and energetic start to their Dutch careers. We offer hands-on, personal support in all matters concerning immigration, such as residence permits, work permits and relocation.

Our services

Residence permits

The fastest route to a residence permit is the scheme for highly skilled migrants. Still, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That is why we are happy to help you determine the most favourable immigration procedure applicable to your situation.

Exterus helps you with:

  • Advice about the most favourable immigration procedure for you
  • Applying for and renewing residence permits as a highly skilled migrant
  • Advice on (administrative) obligations with regard to the Modern Migration Policy Act
  • Registration as a recognised sponsor for the highly skilled migrant scheme, for both existing companies and start-ups

Work permit

We are happy to take time-consuming and complex applications for work permits off your hands completely. We deal with the IND and the embassy directly, ensuring that your employee can get to work in the Netherlands faster and via the correct procedure. This way you avoid any risk of errors as well as the administrative red tape.

Exterus can assist you with the following:

  • Applying for and renewing work permits as a highly skilled migrant
  • Notifications in the event of cross-border services


As an employer, of course you want your foreign employee to feel at home in the Netherlands. That’s why good expat support is essential, whether it concerns finding new housing or arranging all the other things that come into play when moving across the globe.

Together with our highly experienced relocation partners, we offer assistance with the following and more:

  • International relocation and finding (temporary) housing
  • Finding suitable schools, GPs, etcetera
  • Supervision of visits to the IND and the municipality
  • Opening a bank account and various registration obligations in the Netherlands

Audit Immigration

As a (recognized) sponsor, your organization has quite a few obligations. Despite good intentions, mistakes are often made in filing or reporting due to a lack of knowledge of the rules. This can lead to unpleasant situations such as fines or shutdowns. You can avoid these by doing a regular compliance and personnel file check.

Many companies need help with this process. That is why Exterus and Maes Law offer a comprehensive audit, which carefully checks your compliance with:

  • The duty to keep records
  • The obligation to provide information
  • The duty of care

Download the PDF here to read more details about the Audit.

Other Services

We combine a practical approach with personal attention for you and your expats.
Exterus is a one-stop-shop service for:

Tax advice for international taxes and social security


Payrolling and
Recognized Sponsorship

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