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Exterus assists international companies and highly skilled migrants with all official matters regarding their migration and relocation. No hassle, but a carefree and energetic start for your foreign employees.

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Together, we ensure that your expats can make a proper start, without any hassle and risks.
We support you in the following: residence permit, work permit and relocation.

Residence permit

You need a residence permit if you want to stay in the Netherlands for longer than three months, for example, to work. Residence permits come in various forms, but the most important procedure for you as an employer is the highly skilled migrant scheme. The highly skilled migrant scheme is a fast route, but only applies to employees of companies registered in the Netherlands with the IND as a ‘recognised sponsor’. The relevant workers must also earn a certain minimum wage.

Exterus assists in applying for various types of residence permits by:

  • determining the most favourable immigration procedure
  • applying for and renewing residence permits as a highly skilled migrant
  • advising on (administrative) obligations with regard to the Modern Migration Policy Act
  • registering as a recognised sponsor for the highly skilled migrant scheme, for both existing companies and start-ups

Work permit

Applying for a work permit is a time-consuming and complex process. We can accelerate this time-consuming process and take over all the administrative red tape for you.

We deal with the IND and the embassy directly, so that your employee can get to work in the Netherlands faster by completing the correct procedure. This is because, as an employer, you need a work permit for your employees from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), including EU, and Switserland. Without such a permit, your employee is not allowed to work in the Netherlands.

Exterus assists in applying for the necessary work permits by:

  • applying for and renewing work permits as a highly skilled migrant
  • notification in the event of cross-border services


If you, as an employer, want your foreign employee to be successful in work in the Netherlands, the employee must first and foremost feel at home in the Netherlands. A happy employee is usually more productive. We assist expats from start to finish whilst posted in the Netherlands. In order to facilitate this process with maximum effect, we work with renowned partners. This way, we can support you with:

  • international relocation
  • finding (temporary) housing
  • searching for suitable schools
  • supervising the visit to the IND and the municipality
  • opening a bank account
  • various registration obligations in the Netherlands

Other Services

Are you looking for an extension for your organisation?
We offer a one-stop-shop service for the following:

Tax advice for international taxes and social security


IND sponsor/recognised

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