Will You Get a Tax Refund? Do Our Free Tax Scan


Filing taxes. Nobody we know actually looks forward to it, except our Tax experts, of course! That’s why we have developed a quick (and free!) way for you to check what the probable outcome of your tax return will be: our Tax Scan.

The Tax Scan: How does it work?

  1. You simply upload your 2020 annual salary statement (or if necessary, you can upload one from 2016-2019) here or via the upload button.*
    Upload your files
  2. Don’t forget to fill in your email address at the top!
  3. In the message space, please let us know whether you have a working or non-working spouse living with you, and how long they have been in the Netherlands.
  4. After 5 working days, you will hear the happy (or disappointing) news about your expected tax refund or payment. Our Tax Experts Jantiene van der Velden or Esther van Dam will send you an email from [email protected] with your preliminary outcome based on the information provided. No strings attached.
  5. At this point, we will also ask you whether you’d like us to go ahead and finalize a draft tax return for you. We’ll include the fee that applies to your individual situation, so you know the cost upfront.
  6. If you don’t want us to finalize a draft tax return, simply reply that you don’t need our services.
  7. If you do want us to go ahead, please send us your (and if applicable, your spouse’s) passport copies as well as a signed power of attorney, agreeing to the specified fee. Those who get back to use before the usual tax rush comes in – March 19th – will get a 10% discount!

More information can also be found in this blog ‘How to file your Dutch Tax Return – a Brief Guide for Expats’.

Would you like to speak to a Tax Expert before you upload your data? Send an E-mail to Jantiene or Esther via [email protected] and they’ll give you a call back soon.

*Yes, it’s a safe portal protected by SmartLockr and we ensure that the personal and financial data we receive is treated in confidence. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

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