Exterus and THIC offer highly skilled migrants a soft landing in the Netherlands


Early 2019, The Hague International Centre (THIC) started with a partner program to welcome highly skilled migrants, and to offer them an easy start in the Netherlands. ‘In this collaboration, Exterus is a key partner and service provider with loads of expertise’, says Gerko Visée, consultant and account manager at THIC. ‘They support companies and highly skilled migrants with all the official matters in regard with their migration; from applying for a work and residence permit to taking care of payrolling.’


The Hague is the international city of Peace and Justice. There are over 60,000 expats living and working in this region. During their eight years of existence, THIC has guided over 30,000 migrants upon their arrival. Gerko Visée: ‘We see an increase of the number of internationally oriented companies. We have noticed that this results in a shortage of staff, mainly in the IT and Technique sectors. It is therefore to be expected that a lot more international employees will come to the Netherlands in the coming period. In collaboration with partners such as Exterus, we aim at providing international staff with a soft landing and a good start. We do this by helping them to understand how things are organized in the Netherlands. For example, how the healthcare system and international education are organized in the Netherlands. We try to meet this need by answering questions and by linking expats to our partners. The aim is to make expats feel themselves at home within a short period of time and to ensure that their talents remain available to international companies in the Netherlands.’


‘The new course to collaborate more intensively with multiple consultancy services and knowledge companies, is aimed at getting a clearer picture of how we can improve the help and guidance we provide migrants with’, Gerko Visée continues. ‘But also to look together how to make The Hague even more attractive to this group of workers. What issues do the migrants encounter? And which challenges do companies such as Exterus detect? We receive active feedback from these partners on the practicing of our policies and we continuously keep an eye on where and how to adjust this policy. A current research is the challenge the migrants face in their search for suitable housing in the region of The Hague.’


THIC being the home base for knowledge migrants, Exterus has been using all its expertise for years in order to welcome highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands. Exterus supports various relocation services and assists in obtaining all the required documents. They ensure full support of both employer and employee. From work/residence permits to relocation and payrolling needs. With years of experience Exterus plays a crucial role for the migrant and the international importance of The Hague.

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