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Hiring and supporting international employees or expats is no small feat, from permits to international tax laws, payroll processing, payrolling and keeping up with IND rules. Our services, practical solutions and personal approach make your immigration process completely stressless – even downright pleasant.

Immigration & Relocation

Which work and residence permits do you need? We advise and manage applications, on-going compliance and relocation.

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International Tax & Social Security

Which treaties, tax laws and regulations apply? What are the risks? We offer advice and support.

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Need international payroll, shadow confidential or payroll records? We help identify the best options, set them up and manage them for you.

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Sponsorship/Payrolling Support

Do you need Recognised Sponsorship or Payrolling services? We offer advice, support and ensure compliancy.

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“Exterus is one of the few service providers where I can honestly say: ‘Exceeding customer expectations!”

Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe – President

Exterus has more than 15 years of experience in the global mobility arena. We assist more than 175 companies and 3500 expats every year, enabling them to focus on their global ambitions for growth.

We promise to provide:

Practical solutions and services

A personal and stress-free experience

100% compliance

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