Croatian employees welcome without special work permit


Do you have Croatian employees working at your organization or are you considering employment of Croatians in the Netherlands? Then this recently published announcement (NOS) is relevant to read.

The Government won’t renew the strict transitional rules for EU Member State Croatia. Thereby from July 1st Croatian employees are welcome without a special work permit.

Croatia joined the EU on July 1st, 2013. Other countries could raise a barrier for free movement of workers for seven years. Dutch Government made use of it because of the financial crisis and high unemployment in the Netherlands at that moment. But times has changed. “Based on the current situation in Dutch labour market, facts and figures show that there is no longer a serious disturbances”, writes the Government.

There are not many Croatian working in the Netherlands at the moment. Dutch employers applied (in 2017) for 59 work permits for Croatians (mostly in construction and engineering). The Government does not expect a large increase even though there is a shortage of employees in those sectors.

Source: NOS

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