China Desk: Need help getting your Chinese expats settled in?


At Exterus, we like to speak our clients’ languages. With regard to clarity, but also quite literally, which is why we are happy to share the good news: next to Dutch, English and Russian we currently also offer our services in Mandarin Chinese.

All our services now also available in Chinese

Need help getting your Chinese expats settled in? Our lovely colleague Li Chen, who is an expert in international payroll, helps Chinese-speaking clients to handle immigration matters, relocation, international taxes, payroll and more, in collaboration with our other experts.

Contact Li via +31 88 185 00 14 or [email protected].

Meet Li, our Payroll Administrator

She introduces herself in this video – and for those who don’t speak Chinese, just read the English translation below! 

“Hi,  I’m  Li Chen and I’m originally from China, ChongQing.  I have lived in the Netherlands for twenty years now. I like to watch the Dutch news as much as the Chinese news – I like to keep up with Chinese developments. 

At Exterus, I fulfill the role of Payroll administrator, but I also have been given the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about international payroll. And I can take any other question – whether about the 30% ruling, international tax or social security – to my colleagues. 

I like the fact that our office has a China Desk – it gives me opportunity to combine my Chinese roots with my career. It’s just easier to communicate when you can speak to someone in your mothertongue. 

So, if you have any questions, please do contact me. My colleagues and I will be happy to help! 


Best regards,


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