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Social security

Each country has its own rules for social security. In addition, every country has its own system of provisions for old age.

It becomes difficult if someone works in two countries or even in more countries: where are you covered by social insurance and what happens with the build-up of your pension?

Social insurance

Coordination rules apply within the European Union, on the basis of which a person is insured in one country only. Outside the EU, where a person has social insurance cover depends on social insurance treaties or, in the absence of these, on national legislation.

We can advise you on:

  • determination of the applicable social insurance legislation;
  • planning possibilities to maintain social insurance in the home country;
  • composition of an alternative insurance package;
  • (voluntary) continuation of social insurance in the home country;
  • applying for A1 certificates, treaty declarations and unilateral certificates of coverage.

Social insurance systems vary widely worldwide and the right insurance position for you or your employees is very important. Read more...


What applies for social security also applies for pensions. The build-up of pensions is regulated in different ways in the different countries: by means of state pensions, company pensions, private pensions or a combination of these. If fiscally facilitated build-up is possible, this is usually subject to strict conditions and regulations. If work is performed outside the country of origin, continued pension build-up is sometimes no longer possible, or is limited or no longer fiscally facilitated.

In the pay-out phase, after the retirement date, problems may still arise because at that time the pension benefits are taxed in full, while, during the employment abroad, no fiscal facilitation took place.

Our services comprise assistance with:

  • continued build-up of pension in the home country during temporary postings;
  • determining the extent to which fiscal facilitation is possible;
  • notification of foreign pension schemes;
  • advice on alternative pension build-up;
  • support with (partial) tax exemption of pension benefits.

Exterus can provide advice on both Dutch and foreign pension schemes. Read more...

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