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The payroll administration is the last step in all payment-related matters and is becoming increasingly important, particularly for organisations that operate internationally. Remuneration packages are often complex. This is why it is important that the payroll administration is correct, that (fiscal) compliance is continually monitored and that the organisation remains 'in control'. The payroll administration is often subject to changes in legislation, as a result of which certain benefits may remain unused. Many organisations therefore decide to outsource part or all of their payroll administration, in order to limit the risks.

Contributing ideas instead of just processing

In addition to processing the data in the payroll administration, Exterus also proactively contributes ideas on potential fiscal benefits and fiscal planning. In addition, Exterus has years of experience in handling complex assignment situations and complex calculations such as net and gross calculations, salary splits, continuation of social insurance, etc.

As a result, Exterus often works for organisations that operate internationally with an international staff, where use can be made of the extensive knowledge of generally accepted and applicable assignment policy and remuneration packages. Exterus continually monitors changes in (international) fiscal and social insurance legislation and applies the new legislation and jurisprudence in the payroll administration in order to limit potential (fiscal) risks and to optimise the fiscal position for employees and/or the employer.

Types of payroll administration

Exterus provides payroll administrations in the broadest sense and can offer support with your regular or special payroll administrations, including:

  • Dutch payroll administration;
  • international/foreign payroll administration;
  • shadow payroll administration;
  • management or confidential payroll administrations.
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