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Not every employee may stay in the Netherlands, let alone work there, for a long period. This often requires a residence and/or work permit.

Exterus supports employers and employees in obtaining work permits and/or residence permits. In addition, Exterus provides support for various relocation services.

Exterus assists in obtaining all the required documents and also keeps a watch on deadlines, among other things. What distinguishes Exterus from the competition is the full support of both employer and employee.

Residence permits

If an employee wishes to stay in the Netherlands for a long period, for example in order to work, he or she must hold a residence permit. Exterus provides support with applications and/or renewals of various types of residence permit and with:

  • determining the best immigration procedure;
  • registration as a recognised reference for the knowledge migrants scheme, for both existing companies and start-ups;
  • applications for and renewals of various types of residence permit;
  • advice on (administrative) obligations relating to Modern Migration Policy.

There are various types of residence permit, depending on the nationality of the employee and the purpose of the stay. Read more...

Work permits

Employers need an employment permit for employees from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Without such a permit, this group of employees may not work in the Netherlands. Employment permits are not usually necessary for researchers, students, athletes and artists, or the procedures are different.

Exterus provides support with applications and renewals of various types of work permit. Whether a work permit is required depends on a number of conditions. Read more...


Employers and employees often face practical problems with international postings, relating to cultural differences and other procedures. On arrival in the Netherlands, support is often provided with:

  • the visit to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND);
  • registration and deregistration with the municipal authority;
  • opening a bank account.

Exterus can take a great deal of work off your hands by providing support in the arrangement of such practical matters. Read more...

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