International network - EXTERUS

International network

As an inseparable part of the total solution, the advice does not end at the national borders: Exterus can also advise you outside the Netherlands.

Corporate network

Exterus sets high standards for its service provision and expects the same of its partners.

Over the years, Exterus has built up an extensive network of well-known partners: specialists that have been carefully selected for their knowledge, experience and customer approach, and that have the same dedication.

The fact that Exterus is not tied to a network gives it the freedom to work in any country with the best advisor or to work with an advisor of your choice.

Global cover

The clients of Exterus come from different parts of the world and operate in different countries. Exterus therefore has very extensive cover in a large number of different countries in various regions of the world.

If you are going to do business in a country in which Exterus does not yet have a partner, Exterus will be happy to search for a local specialist for you, together with its existing partners.

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