Clients - EXTERUS


Exterus sees its clients as partners, with whom we aim for the best and most appropriate solution.

Exterus does not believe in ready-made solutions: every situation is different or requires a different approach. Together we consider the situation and the conditions in order to arrive at the best possible result.

Long-term relationships

Clients work with Exterus for different reasons: the total solutions, the excellent theoretical knowledge and practical assistance with implementation or the accessibility and communicative skills. Exterus is prepared to invest in its clients and always works on the basis of a long-term concept.


Exterus is very pleased to be able to serve a very loyal and varied basis of clients, consisting of very well-known multinationals, NGOs, non-profit organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises and new businesses. But the regular circle of clients also includes various private individuals, ranging from CEOs and CFOs to posted employees and cross-border workers.

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