Organisation - EXTERUS

About us

For many years, the employees of Exterus gained experience in both consultancies and the business sector with advising in the field of international taxation, social insurance and labour migration.

Here they primarily considered how things could be done better, more accessibly and, above all, more personally. And that is precisely the reason why Exterus was formed.

Our core values

Since its incorporation in 2006, Exterus has stood for high quality custom advice, with a working method that can quite simply be described as personal, customer-oriented, satisfactory and reliable, with competitive rates.

As a result, Exterus is able to offer appropriate total solutions to a growing number of clients.

Leading firm

Exterus is a ‘leading' firm in the field of cross-border employment. In contrast to the competition, Exterus not only knows the way, but leads you onto the right path and provides for assistance with every step.

It may well be time for you to start on a different ‘path’ too. Exterus will be happy to guide you in this.



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