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Why Exterus

Knowledge and experience is one thing. Turning these into concrete solutions and accessible, legible advice is quite another. The translation of knowledge into practical, workable solutions is something with which Exterus distinguishes itself.

At Exterus, you will work in a professional but ‘small' organisation with various specialists. Whichever job you start in with us, you will always work closely with other colleagues and serve a varied range of clients. The lines of communication, both internally and with clients, are short, as a result of which Exterus can almost always deploy people quickly.

Specialist, generalist or both?

International mobility is increasing very rapidly, and the legislation is changing just as fast, or sometimes even faster. The field of work is varied and has many different facets. Exterus therefore regards a broad education as very important and you will be given enough scope to develop yourself into a specialist who looks that little bit further and can contribute ideas. And because you learn fastest by doing, you will soon be serving your ‘own’ clients.

Exterus stimulates new ideas and an enterprising spirit. In that way, you continue to work creatively in your profession and can continue to give your clients the best possible service.

Ready for a (new) challenge?

Do you want to work for a dynamic organisation that gives you a chance to develop yourself and work closely with other professional specialists, (foreign) advisors and, even more importantly, your ‘own’ clients? Are you also enterprising and helping to develop the practice further appeals to you? Then check the vacancies!

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